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Why Business Owners are Preferring Mobile Coffee Ventures

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Why Business Owners are Preferring Mobile Coffee VenturesNot only is coffee a good way to ease into the morning, but it's good for you, too. Did you know that a recent Harvard study has indicated that two cups of coffee per day reduces the risk of heart disease? Other studies, according to Forbes, have shown that higher caffeine consumption has a correlation with reduced risk of dementia.

A Powerful, Growing Industry

It's no surprise, really, that the coffee industry continues to grow and expand throughout the world. Already, coffee is worth over $1 billion globally. Recently, espresso based coffee drinks, also known as specialty coffee, have grown in popularity to account for 10% of the total U.S. market. "Coffee has gotten an upgrade" when it comes to specialty drink choices, the Huffington Post notes. Why does this matter? The profit margins for espresso are higher, and the increasing demand for it is allowing new businesses to flourish.

Why Business Owners are Preferring Mobile Ventures

One type of business that is taking advantage of this trend is mobile coffee vans, which can now be found around the world in countries including Australia, the U.S., and Germany. Traditional cafes often have trouble establishing themselves in profitable areas such as business parks and industrial estates. Mobile cafes that serve specialty drinks are also able to better service that growing niche, since a fair number of restaurants and cafes still serve only drip coffee.

The Importance of Cementing Consumer Loyalty

Loyalty is key in establishing a successful coffee business. Considering that the average drinker will down nearly three cups a day, it's important for customers to choose your business over others in the area. Studies by CustomersDNA indicated that about 53% of coffee drinkers are "roamers," who will visit different coffee shops 13 times a month. Converting these people to loyal customers can be key in keeping a profitable venture. For this reason, many business owners choose to invest in mobile coffee franchises, rather than going out on their own. This way, their coffee sales come with a solid business plan, great equipment, and expertise backing -- all essential ingredients for making sure the visiting customer becomes a permanent one.

Have you ever visited a mobile coffee franchise? Let us know what you appreciated about the experience in the comments.

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