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Your Latte Comes with Flexible, Parent Friendly Hours: Three Facts about Franchising Mobile Cafes

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

It's not surprising that people who want to be their own boss are naturally drawn to franchise opportunities. Why franchise instead of opening their own, unique businesses? The reality is, unless you have a lot of financial and managerial experience under your belt, franchises are the safest bet for job security. Any business investment is a risk, but 85% of franchises make it to the five year mark, compared to only about 50% of start-ups.

One fairly new franchise option that hasn't reached market saturation yet is the mobile cafe. Here are three things you should know about the benefits and potential pitfalls of this opportunity.

  1. Mobile Cafe Franchises are an Ideal Choice for Working Parents
  2. According to the 2011 census, the average Australian mother has two children and works as a sales assistant. For employed parents, it's important not only to have a bit of flexibility when it comes to work hours, but also have a schedule that lines up well with children's school hours. Mobile cafes typically open around 7am and close in the mid afternoon, with limited (if any) weekend hours, making them a better match than many jobs that necessitate calling up a babysitter or family member to cover afternoon or night shifts.

  3. Why the Market is Open to this Franchise Model
  4. Euro Monitor, an international market research and analysis firm, says that Australia's "unrelenting love affair" with coffee has continued strong through 2013. Current consumer preferences align well with encouraging success among newer coffee cafes. Customers are highly loyal to their baristas and cafes, and are increasingly open to the idea of premium beverages. Relevant also is the surprising lack of brick-and-mortar coffee shops located near industrial parks and office buildings, leaving the door open to mobile coffee vans.

  5. Being in Charge of a Mobile Coffee Van Isn't Easy, Though
  6. Although we've painted a sunny picture of this franchise opportunity, make no mistake; hard work, time, effort, and a fantastic business model will be intrinsic to the success of your business. You will need to market the cafe, learn how to cater to the local community, and accept corporate decisions that might not fall in line with your own management preferences. Look for a franchiser that stresses the importance of training and communication; you want to have a constant adviser throughout your franchise experience.

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