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Interested in Owning Your Own Business? Open a Franchise

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

coffee van franchiseAccording to the Australian Immigration Book, it is estimated that there are 1,100 franchise systems in Australia. A franchise can provide a unique economic opportunity for many people searching for successful business ideas: for roughly the same investment as starting an independent small business, a franchisee receives everything from extensive training to a successful business reputation, two factors that make it easier to promote a small business.

But what small business franchise opportunities are proven to be profitable? Depending on your interests, the answer may be a coffee van franchise.

According to Business Insider, the coffee industry is worth an estimated $100 billion U.S. dollars worldwide. After crude oil, coffee is the most sought-after commodity in the entire world. Coffee is socially valued, and also offers a number of potential health benefits: for example, American researchers have found that drinking between one and four cups of coffee a day can drastically reduce the risk of cirrhosis of the liver. But whatever the cause, coffee is a growing industry: according to Datamonitor, for every seven cups of coffee consumed by the average Australian, one is consumed out-of-home, either at a coffee shop or mobile coffee van.

Currently, the International Baccalaureate Information System, or IBIS, reports that there are an estimated 84,867 people employed by the Australian coffee industry. IBIS also reports that there are an estimated 6,613 coffee businesses throughout the country. However, coffee shops are one of the fastest growing industries in the world, with an annual growth of 7%, creating a potentially profitable opportunity for mobile cafe businesses such as coffee van franchises. Mobile coffee vans in particular are popular at public events, but can also attract a high volume of pedestrian traffic and repeat customers. If you are interested in joining a growing industry with a variety of interesting opportunities, research coffee franchise opportunities, such as coffee van franchises, today.

Cafe2U Cromer Does it for Daniel too!

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Terry Hills local and Cerebral Palsy sufferer Daniel Clarke is a 17-year-old young man whose obvious day-to-day challenges haven’t inhibited his lust for life nor caring spirit. A tireless worker for charity, he and his brother have raised over $700,000 to save the orangutans. They have published a book and been given the new Pride of Australia award. Daniel has been recognised by US President Barrack Obama for his conservation efforts and been visited at home by former Prime Minister John Howard as a result of his fundraising efforts for the Australian Orangutan Project to save the Orangutans.

But even the most determined campaigners need a helping hand sometimes – particularly those with a debilitating condition like Daniel's.

Daniel Clarke decided to contact A Current Affair himself requesting help with funds for a new walker and possibly to widen walls in their family home. In the letter received by A Current Affair, Daniel had stated that this kind of letter usually saw him requesting funds for orangutans, but this time round he was actually asking for financial help for himself … a very touching moment.

This week Daniel was given that help courtesy of A Current Affair. What he got was the biggest surprise renovation ever performed by ACA. A three-month renovation jammed into a one-week period was a big ask, but one that was delivered.

An incredible 55 businesses and suppliers chipped in their time, materials and labour to contribute to the cause. Numbered among those was Michael Dolahenty, owner of Cafe2U Cromer-Dee Why, who kindly offered his time and many coffees to the workers during this great event.

"Like all of the suppliers it is something I felt moved to be involved in. It was an incredibly rewarding experience," Mr. Dolahenty said.

Michael turned up at the site of the Clarke family Rescue Renovation every morning to ensure that the team had their early morning coffee fix to get them through the day.

“Daniel’s home is two stories and he hasn’t been able to get his wheelchair up the stairs. It makes home life very difficult for him and the family. This project will enhance their lives. I am very happy I could play my small part and give these great builders and tradesman a coffee boost when they needed it.”

Dollar Day Drought Relief

Monday, March 10, 2014

On Friday the 7th of March Tamworth’s major FM Radio Station 92.9 (http://fm929.net/) held a fundraiser – “Dollar Day Drought Relief” - where all proceeds generated went towards the local farmers and their families struggling in the prolonged drought currently experienced in the area.

In short, for the “Dollar Day” campaign 92.9 were asking everyone in Tamworth to donate just 1 dollar to the initiative. In keeping with the "dollar" theme, Steve Mccarthy, owner of Cafe2U Tamworth, NSW pledged that on Friday, his busiest day by far, he would donate a dollar from every coffee sold to this outstanding initiative.

Pictured below is Steve from Cafe2U Tamworth, NSW handing cash to the value of $342 to Lisa Ashcroft, the General Manager 92.9 FM. 

This total raised was as a result of the combined efforts of a $1 donation for every cup of coffee sold by Steve, a $100 donation from one Steve’s customers and several small donations from others.

Steve who services 92.9 FM Radio on a regular basis was listening to the station on Friday morning as they were interviewing some of the affected farmers. “What these people are going through is heartbreaking.Some are in dire situations, whilst some have even taken or attempted to take their own lives. Such is the helplessness.” states Steve, who was only too happy to be a part of raising funds for this great caused for those affected  in his local community. After all, every dollar counts!