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Sugar with that?

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Chris Psathas from Cafe2U Penrith has featured in the December edition of the RFSA Newsletter on the back of his generous efforts to serve members of the RFSA during the fires in October and November this year. As part of its support of Members during the fires in October and November, the RFSA organised for mobile cafe vans to service some of the main staging areas.

Photo: Chris Psathas from Cafe2U who operated a mobile coffee van at the Penrith staging area (Sugar with that?) catches a few zzzzs. Maybe he needs some of his own caffeine now?

Vans operated at Penrith, Lithgow, Mittagong and the Hawkesbury region and this initiative was drunk up and cherished by many appreciative Members. See what they had to say below:

Scott Burrus: I was a firefighter and loved having the van there to help me recharge and have some normality in my life in the base camp.

Scott Jones: Great to see the RFSA supporting the vollos even more! This is what it is all about. Well done verybody at RFSA HQ!

Sasha BaerWe certainly have been enjoying the coffee in Mittagong. Thank You!

 Dan Harris: Thanks for being there, was a good coffee and hot chocolate.

Paul Godwin: Totally awesome, it’s the small things that help. Coffee at 5am and hot chocolate before bed go a long way. Thank you for making this happen! From your Qld friends.

Matt Bullock:...coming off a night shift as I was driving into UWS on my first day I can honestly say it was a great way to relax before bed. Well done guys. A very simple idea that went down fantastically with the crews. Keep up the great ideas.

Roberta Colbran: Thank you RFSA, the Cafe2U was a very welcome intrusion to the day for a lot of us during Hawkesbury’s ongoing Section 44s.

Coffee with Jo

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Jo Wallace, owner of Cafe2U Wangara received a lovely Christmas gesture from one of her customers today. Jo’s customer said his company didn’t do Christmas cards, but he wanted to do something, so he put together the below ….

Coffee With Jo
Every morn we feel so blue
Until Jo arrives from Cafe2U
Always ready with a smile
She’ll serve you a coffee, any style
Flat white, Cappucino or Long Black
There’ll be something to get you on track
You can have a Quiche, doughnut or muffin      
For the measly cost of next to nothing
There are recipes galore
In her mobile coffee store
From Caramel Frappe to Chai tea
She’ll mix up anything for a small fee
A squirt of steam& plenty of frothy milk
Ensures your Latte feels like liquid silk
A full stocked fridge & door to hide from the sun
Means getting your coffee from Jo is always fun
She’s always here come rain, hail or shine
With Jo morning Coffee is always a fun time
Unfortunately it’s come to that time of year
When we swap the morning coffee for a beer
So it’s a rest for us
And a service for the bus
But in two weeks time everything will be like new
Jo will be back, in her little red van emblazoned, Cafe 2U!

Cafe2U Operators show support during fire disaster

Monday, October 28, 2013


It was all hands on deck for communities in Western Sydney last week as they faced a desperate fight against raging bushfires. While the wider community pledged support for bushfire victims, local Cafe2U operators were taking up the cause to help their neighbours. 

David and Marina Rowe from Cafe2U Emu Plains were right in the centre of the fires and as they looked on in admiration amongst all the fire fighting taking place, they readily took on the opportunity to offer help where they could.



"We were in the heart of everything that was going on, so it was a dire situation that we witnessed first hand. We offered free coffees to all of the people helping out with the fire fighting initiative, as well as to those who have been directly affected. We also donated  $1 from each coffee to the victims of bushfires and have a collection tin where people can offer donations to the Rural Fire Service and the victims.” 

Local Cafe2U Operator Chris Psathas (Cafe2U Penrith) also echoed these sentiments, “the firefighters are doing such a wonderful job, I just wanted to show my support for the community and do my bit for the bushfire appeal”. 

Chris stationed himself at the Penrith Base Camp for 4 days last week, working around the clock to make coffees for all the fire fighting personnel, stopping only briefly to catch up on a couple of hours sleep in the back of his Cafe2U van. 

Steve Payk of Cafe2U Windsor was also posted at the temporary base camp at UWS Campus in Hawkesbury for the week, serving coffees to all the fire fighters and support staff as they came and went from their shifts. 

 “I am glad I was able to give something back to the fire fighters and support teams who have been working tirelessly through this terrible period.” Steve added.