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Your Latte Comes with Flexible, Parent Friendly Hours: Three Facts about Franchising Mobile Cafes

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

It's not surprising that people who want to be their own boss are naturally drawn to franchise opportunities. Why franchise instead of opening their own, unique businesses? The reality is, unless you have a lot of financial and managerial experience under your belt, franchises are the safest bet for job security. Any business investment is a risk, but 85% of franchises make it to the five year mark, compared to only about 50% of start-ups.

One fairly new franchise option that hasn't reached market saturation yet is the mobile cafe. Here are three things you should know about the benefits and potential pitfalls of this opportunity.

  1. Mobile Cafe Franchises are an Ideal Choice for Working Parents
  2. According to the 2011 census, the average Australian mother has two children and works as a sales assistant. For employed parents, it's important not only to have a bit of flexibility when it comes to work hours, but also have a schedule that lines up well with children's school hours. Mobile cafes typically open around 7am and close in the mid afternoon, with limited (if any) weekend hours, making them a better match than many jobs that necessitate calling up a babysitter or family member to cover afternoon or night shifts.

  3. Why the Market is Open to this Franchise Model
  4. Euro Monitor, an international market research and analysis firm, says that Australia's "unrelenting love affair" with coffee has continued strong through 2013. Current consumer preferences align well with encouraging success among newer coffee cafes. Customers are highly loyal to their baristas and cafes, and are increasingly open to the idea of premium beverages. Relevant also is the surprising lack of brick-and-mortar coffee shops located near industrial parks and office buildings, leaving the door open to mobile coffee vans.

  5. Being in Charge of a Mobile Coffee Van Isn't Easy, Though
  6. Although we've painted a sunny picture of this franchise opportunity, make no mistake; hard work, time, effort, and a fantastic business model will be intrinsic to the success of your business. You will need to market the cafe, learn how to cater to the local community, and accept corporate decisions that might not fall in line with your own management preferences. Look for a franchiser that stresses the importance of training and communication; you want to have a constant adviser throughout your franchise experience.

Find out why Shell from Cafe2U Armadale, WA loves her new job

Friday, March 08, 2013

Shell Wilson started her new Cafe2U franchise in July 2012, and hasn't been happier... we asked her how it was going and this is what told us.

  1. What was it about Cafe2U that appealed to you?
  2. Cafe2U was introduced to me by my husband who had been a customer for years. Through him I knew I would be working with a quality product and a fantastic tasting coffee. When I originally considered the idea, it was both the freedom to make my own decisions and to not be working behind a desk that appealed.>

  3. What did you think about the $500.00 a day income guarantee?
  4. This put my mind at ease with the decision to purchase a Cafe2U franchise. That the company was willing to put a guarantee against the earnings that they were showing me was possible it instilled a great amount of confidence in the brand and team.

  5. What did you think about the fact you would have someone launch the business for you ?
  6. Relieved, starting a business is scary. Am I making the right decision? How am I going to do this? These were questions I faced many times while making my decision. Knowing I would have an experienced Cafe2U representative to assist start the business was a relief.

  7. What was the advantage of having a Franchise Coach to help you start the business (rather than starting on your own?)
  8. Having a Franchise coach for the first two weeks worked well, It allowed me time to focus on making the quality product that I had learned how to make at training, At this stage still being new, there is so much to take in and having the Franchise Coach available to remind me of the small things helped me look towards developing routines to make the business run smoothly.

  9. What sort of ongoing support have you received?
  10. At any stage, If I need assistance I can pick up the phone and know that if I can get an answer straight away that the Cafe2U team will endeavor to find the answer ASAP. I speak to my Franchise Development Manager almost weekly just for a quick touch base and further each quarter a Franchise Development Manager comes out to see me and gives me advice on how they feel I can improve my business. The support of the Cafe2U team really instills confidence and trust in the business model.

  11. What is your favourite thing about being a Cafe2U Franchise Partner?
  12. The smile on your customers face as they greet you by saying COFFEEEEE! It is fun to go out and see your regular customers, and be able to serve them a great tasting coffee that puts a smile on their face every time. Being a Cafe2U Franchisee has changed my life for the better. I love my job and it makes me happy.

Proof that Cafe2U's Acceleration Package works

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

David Ovens from Cafe2U Archerfield, QLD pops the cork to celebrate.

"I couldn't believe I made my target of $2500 turnover in my first four weeks of trading" wrote David in an excited email to Cafe2U support staff.

Cafe2U have a very firm belief that all new franchise partners need to prosper from day one. Its so important to us that we have it written as our mission statement and it proudly hangs in all our meeting rooms for all to see.

Cafe2U makes this happen with its unique "Acceleration Package", designed to make sure that all new franchisees are fully equipped to serve and maintain a daily business run that turns over a minimum of $500 a day.

We are so confident that will happen, we offer a $500 a day income guarantee during the launch period as part of the deal.

After two weeks of formal training, Each new Franchise Partner is allocated their own businesses and Franchise mentor who shows them all the ropes for he first two weeks.

In fact they even do the door knocking for new franchisees who then can concentrate on making great coffee and getting to know their customers.

One of our Launch Specialists, Samuel Graham says he knows that a lot of new franchise partners get excited about their new business, but worry that the business will drop off after the Launch Specialist leaves

"Thats not the case" he states" We ensure that the majority of the 2nd week of launch the new Franchise Partner is doing the work (making coffee / servicing customers). We will observe and help if an issue arises. Once the Launch Specialist finishes and leaves the new Franchise Partner, we monitor via their weekly KPI's and run sheet weekly. These are great tools for us as business coaches to effectively steer the new Franchise Partner in the right direction. They get quarterly visits and weekly phone calls. We are always there to assist. This will help them maintain there business level and only move in a positive direction!"

and David's recent success shows that this really does work.

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