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Drive Your Market with a Mobile Coffee Van

Friday, April 18, 2014

If you're weighing your options for a ideas for a successful business, consider that an estimated 14 billion espresso coffees are consumed each year worldwide. That's enough for every man, woman and child on earth to have more than two espressos annually.

If you decide to embark on a coffee business, you may want to consider buying into a franchise. Buying into a franchise saves you time and money on establishing your branding, which is one of the most expensive and time consuming components to getting a business off the ground. Selecting the best coffee franchise that will have the greatest return is the challenge you are faced with in this regard.

When considering franchise opportunities, you can always explore the unconventional model of a mobile coffee franchise. Mobile coffee franchise opportunities are unique in that they allow you to go to the consumer. A mobile coffee van can access the coffee drinker market in a way traditional coffee shops cannot, by providing the ultimate in convenience.

A mobile coffee van is one of the best ideas for a successful business since the drive thru window. Once you receive municipal permits, you drive to where the people are and your coffee markets itself. And given that 70% of all coffee sold worldwide is arabica, this is where you will want to put your overhead dollars.

Ideas for a successful business are dependent on how much benefit your customer can see from your product. And aside from offering a great pick me up, the number of benefits from drinking coffee are through the roof. Studies show coffee helps burn fat, improve physical performance, increases sex drive and is full of antioxidants to combat cancer and cirrhosis of the liver.

Bringing a wonder drink to your consumers, literally, that they enjoy and is healthy for them has got to be one of the best consumer business models. Business ideas are a dime a dozen. Successful business ideas opportunities, however, do not come along very often.