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Find out why Shell from Cafe2U Armadale, WA loves her new job

Friday, March 08, 2013

Shell Wilson started her new Cafe2U franchise in July 2012, and hasn't been happier... we asked her how it was going and this is what told us.

  1. What was it about Cafe2U that appealed to you?
  2. Cafe2U was introduced to me by my husband who had been a customer for years. Through him I knew I would be working with a quality product and a fantastic tasting coffee. When I originally considered the idea, it was both the freedom to make my own decisions and to not be working behind a desk that appealed.>

  3. What did you think about the $500.00 a day income guarantee?
  4. This put my mind at ease with the decision to purchase a Cafe2U franchise. That the company was willing to put a guarantee against the earnings that they were showing me was possible it instilled a great amount of confidence in the brand and team.

  5. What did you think about the fact you would have someone launch the business for you ?
  6. Relieved, starting a business is scary. Am I making the right decision? How am I going to do this? These were questions I faced many times while making my decision. Knowing I would have an experienced Cafe2U representative to assist start the business was a relief.

  7. What was the advantage of having a Franchise Coach to help you start the business (rather than starting on your own?)
  8. Having a Franchise coach for the first two weeks worked well, It allowed me time to focus on making the quality product that I had learned how to make at training, At this stage still being new, there is so much to take in and having the Franchise Coach available to remind me of the small things helped me look towards developing routines to make the business run smoothly.

  9. What sort of ongoing support have you received?
  10. At any stage, If I need assistance I can pick up the phone and know that if I can get an answer straight away that the Cafe2U team will endeavor to find the answer ASAP. I speak to my Franchise Development Manager almost weekly just for a quick touch base and further each quarter a Franchise Development Manager comes out to see me and gives me advice on how they feel I can improve my business. The support of the Cafe2U team really instills confidence and trust in the business model.

  11. What is your favourite thing about being a Cafe2U Franchise Partner?
  12. The smile on your customers face as they greet you by saying COFFEEEEE! It is fun to go out and see your regular customers, and be able to serve them a great tasting coffee that puts a smile on their face every time. Being a Cafe2U Franchisee has changed my life for the better. I love my job and it makes me happy.

Having fun at work is possible with a Cafe2U van

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Steve McCarthy has fun at work.

Steve McCarthy from Cafe2U Tamworth NSW, enjoys laughing, relaxing and joking around with his customers. It's a luxury that comes from making coffee for the same crowd at the same businesses every weekday as he drives his regular route for Cafe2U. He knows their names, favorite drinks, significant others, the names of their kids and pets.

They get to know him, too.

That's why Steve can get away with showing up for work wearing an umbrella hat, a soccer jersey and a clown-costume-wide tie that says “Aussie Sex Bomb.” It's all designed to give his customers a laugh - especaily on Australia Day.

“I'm a good friend of all my customers, and I just make them smile,” he says. He serves dozens of businesses each day in Tamworth, NSW. His experience isn't unusual for a Cafe2U driver.

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Cafe2U mobile coffee van franchise interview with Lisa Minett, NSW

Tuesday, November 27, 2012
Catering Cafe2U

How Cafe2U has helped a working mum spend more time with her daughters

Lisa Minett, 33, has operated a Cafe2U mobile espresso van for a year and a half in Chester Hill, NSW. Minett discovered the company when another Cafe2U franchisee began delivering coffee to her office

What were you doing before Cafe2U?

I was working for a manufacturing company, Brady Corporation, which manufactured signs. I had been working for them since I got out of school. I was there for 13 years; I started as a trainee and worked my way up to management. We actually had a Cafe2U van that would come to work, so I've been drinking the coffee for several years now. The company was putting me through a leadership development course that went into what you wanted out of life and what you want to achieve. It got me thinking about what the next step was for me. I really enjoyed Cafe2U's coffee and I started looking into Cafe2U as a business.

I wound up buying my franchise from another franchisee — a lady who used to serve coffee down at the netball court where I play.

How has business been?

It's been going well. After the New Year there were some changes in the companies that I deliver to, so I had to find some new business. In January, I had a few really big clients move half their staff over to a new location. I had been selling 25 coffees there in half an hour and now it's dropped to a little less than 10. My average went down, so I spent a couple of weeks finding new business to get my average back up. It's been a little challenging because you have to fit new stops into your schedule, but the business has been good and it's doing everything I set out to do.

Since I bought from an existing franchisee, my training process was a little different than what most franchisees experience. I had the new franchisee training where I got to learn about the company and build the skills and knowledge for the business, but whereas they normally help build your route, my business already had a route, so I spent two weeks on the road with the lady I was purchasing the franchise from. The franchise development manager stays in touch, and if I ever need them to come out and spend time with me to help me be more efficient, they'll spend the time to help. I haven't had that many issues — just the odd equipment questions. One day in February all the power went out in my van and I couldn't get everything turned back on. It happened to be a safety switch, but I wasn't sure what the problem was, so I called Cafe2U. They went through a checklist with me to figure out what was wrong. I just needed to flip the switch. I haven't had any major issues that would make me not able to work for the day. I've had them meet me at a stop to go over checklists to make sure the van is up to cleanliness standards and is using their products, and to find out how many stops I'm doing per day and how my average income matches up with my goal.

I was earning an income from the very first day. One of my goals is to put another van on the road or stick with one van but bring another person on and do a split shift so that the van can keep selling during the afternoon.

What sets Cafe2U apart?

I think it's the support that you get. The people are great. They're lovely. One of the things they did was a personality survey of me to see what aspects of the business I might be good at and what I might need help with. They're great at making sure I get the support that I need. I have my own web page, and I can send them my photos and other materials and they handle website and the marketing. Another thing that really impressed me: When I had my first training day, the managing director came in and spoke about what Cafe2U would give us to help us succeed. For someone who is probably really busy to take the time out of their schedule and spend an hour with you, it gives you confidence that they're not going to let you fail.

Who makes a good Cafe2U franchisee? What attracted you to it?

You should be outgoing. It needs to be that the best part of their day is 10 o'clock, when the coffee truck is going to arrive and they get their coffee and a smile. You get to know your customers really well. You get to speak about things that you normally wouldn't, and you can join into conversations. Customers love it because it's a break in their day — even if it's just a five-minute break. I did a wedding reception last November for a lady that I served at work every day. It was a celebration in a park. She had gotten married overseas and came back and they had another ceremony in front of family and friends. There were about 90 guests, and I was there for two hours.

How large is the opportunity?

I could probably work all day 7 days a week. I know some franchisees that have more than one van. All these new businesses that I've picked up — many of them have called me. People know us.

Who are your main customers? Who are your best customers?

I do some freight companies, some post offices, railway workers. I do a lot of offices. It's really broad. My entire route is about 80 km and I'm doing 21 stops. I sell about 150 cups of coffee a day.

What does your typical day look like?

I get up at 4:30 in the morning and I finish at mid-day, which is one of the things that attracted me to the business. I can now spend time with my kids and pick them up from school. When I worked 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., I would drop them off at my mum's at 7 and pick them up at after work. I get to see them more in the afternoon.

Do you own one unit or several?

I'm not sure if I'll do a second van in my area or if I'll look at another area and have somebody else run it. I'm definitely looking into it. In the next six years, I'd like to hire somebody else to run the vans.

How much of your business is delivering to businesses vs. working at events?

Ninety-five percent of it is the route. I do have a regular event that I do during the winter — on a Saturday. It's at the netball fields where I originally found the van. I go down there and I also play. I've trained my partner to run the van when I'm on the court. My kids play, too. I do have the odd event. I have a school fair event where the parents come and spend money and I give a percentage of sales back to the school.

What is a secret to your success?

Some of the success has fallen into my hands. I haven't had to do a lot of knocking to find customers. When you first introduce yourself to a possible customer, you do have to have a little bit of confidence to walk into a business and say “Hi, this is who I am,” but Cafe2U has become so much a part of the culture that they're often calling you to get you to come to their office, and sometimes you just can't get them in. I've been very fortunate that the new stops I've picked up recently have all called me.

What does franchise ownership allow you to do that you couldn't before?

The major thing is getting to spend more time with the kids. Pretty much ever since they were a couple of months old, I've been back to work. It means a little more work for me in the afternoon, with homework and cooking dinner, but you're getting to spend time with them.

If I needed to, I could work more hours. It's a different lifestyle and you do have more flexibility. When you're at the stops, you hear people talk about the things they have to do and dealing with bosses, and I just think, “Oh, I don't need that.” They start talking about end of month goal and, ugh.

Would you recommend a Cafe2U franchise to someone else? Why?

Yes. I think it is successful. You get as much work as you want. It's a good lifestyle. I get to start my own day with an excellent coffee! In the morning, I always make sure I put the milk at the right temperature. I heat it up and have a coffee and make sure everything is perfect. I know some people who start at 8 and keep going until 2 or 3. It's flexible. For me, it's really good finishing at mid-day. I can repack the van and get it ready for the next day before I head to get the girls from school. If I needed to or wanted to work longer, I could.

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