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Hoping to Run Your Own Company? Mobile Coffee Businesses Provide Great Opportunities.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013
According to stats compiled by Statistic Brain, more than half (54%) of all Americans over the age of 18 drink coffee every day. As a result, it should come as little surprise that Business Insider found coffee to be the second most sought after commodity in the entire world, after oil of course. With so many coffee fanatics depending on the drink to help them power through daily tasks, you might want to think about investing in a mobile coffee van business for sale. There is a huge market for coffee and it doesn't seem like that is going to diminish any time soon. This means that getting into the coffee industry could prove to be one of the most successful business ideas.

The reasons why coffee is so popular vary from person to person. While some drink it because they are simply not morning people and need an extra kick to get through their day, others might just enjoy the taste and smell of a nice cup of coffee. Some estimates suggest that 90% of the world's coffee is produced in developing countries with 30% coming from Brazil, but no matter where it comes from, it can be enjoyed by people all over the world. Consequently, there is a large market for coffee franchises. 

Starting a coffee shop business comes with certain challenges, of course, but it can prove to be quite worthwhile. SBDC Net research found that the gross margin for a coffee shop is around 85% and the operating income averages around 2.5% of net sales. This means that investing in a coffee van business for sale could lead to great success down the road, even for potential owners who are worried about the difficulties of starting and running their own business.

In all reality, starting a small business, especially a franchise, is not right for everyone. However, anyone who has an entrepreneurial spirit and wants to be their own boss, or is just looking for a different career and lifestyle change, should consider purchasing a coffee van business for sale. Franchising Australia 2012 found that there are more than 400,000 people directly employed in franchising, but no matter how many people there are, there is always room for another coffee shop. So opening one might be a great way to diversify and explore owning a business.

Tap Into the World's Most Successful Industry: Coffee

Saturday, November 02, 2013
CoffeeDid you know that, according to IBIS World research, Australia earned the title as the nation with the most franchises in the world, as of 2010? Many of these franchises are coffee-related. Globally, the coffee industry is worth more than 100 billion dollars. Franchises and small, self-motivated businesses, are earning an incredible amount of revenue, even with the odds stacked against them. Get a taste of success, by tapping into the mobile coffee franchise, and taking part in one of the most successful franchises in the world. 

Why Are Australians Favouring Franchises?

Australia's largest telecommunications and media company, Telstra, eliminated 1,100 jobs in 2013 alone. The telecommunications powerhouse cut network technicians positions in Victoria, Tasmania, Queensland, New South Wales, and the ACT. These job cuts did not, however, stop Australians from successfully starting three times as many franchises as the United States in 2010. The mobile coffee van franchise and coffee shop franchises are among the most successful, and ongoing, Australian franchises.

Why Coffee?

People all over the world drink more than 500 billion cups of coffee per day. Coffee is one of the most sought after commodities worldwide, second only to crude oil, and the cafe franchise is growing at an annual rate of 7%. In plainer terms, coffee is in extremely high demand, all over the world. The coffee industry, including mobile coffee van franchises, continues to grow, and that is unlikely to change in the foreseeable future. That raises the obvious question, why coffee?

  • Caffeine. The most obvious reason for worldwide coffee consumption is its energy-boosting effects. According to the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, coffee can increase alertness in as little as 10 minutes. Coffee is most effective within an average of 30-60 minutes.
  • Coffee can curb symptoms of depression, especially in women. According to the Harvard School of Public Health, heavy coffee drinkers (consuming four or more cups per day) were 20% less likely to be depressed.
  • Coffee may help reduce pain. The Cleveland Clinic reveals that coffee helps medications work faster. In fact, combining ibuprofen with caffeine intake increases effectiveness by 40%. 

Australian job cuts are on the rise. Australians are meeting, and overcoming, these challenges by striking out on their own, and starting their own franchises. Join the coffee industry to meet customer demands, offer increased moods and productivity, and help consumers experience less pain.

How Cafe2U's unique Acceleration Package works to ensure successful Franchisees

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

David Ovens from Cafe2U Archerfield, QLD pops the cork to celebrate.

"I couldn't believe I made my target of $2500 turnover in my first four weeks of trading" wrote David in an excited email to Cafe2U support staff.

Cafe2U have a very firm belief that all new franchise partners need to prosper from day one. Its so important to us that we have it written as our mission statement and it proudly hangs in all our meeting rooms for all to see.

Cafe2U makes this happen with its unique "Acceleration Package", designed to make sure that all new franchisees are fully equipped to serve and maintain a daily business run that turns over a minimum of $500 a day.

We are so confident that will happen, we offer a $500 a day income guarantee during the launch period as part of the deal.

After two weeks of formal training, Each new Franchise Partner is allocated their own businesses and Franchise mentor who shows them all the ropes for he first two weeks.

In fact they even do the door knocking for new franchisees who then can concentrate on making great coffee and getting to know their customers.

One of our Launch Specialists, Samuel Graham says he knows that a lot of new franchise partners get excited about their new business, but worry that the business will drop off after the Launch Specialist leaves

"Thats not the case" hestates" We ensure that the majority of the 2nd week of launch thenew Franchise Partneris doing the work (making coffee / servicing customers). We will observe and help if an issue arises. Once the Launch Specialist finishes and leaves the new Franchise Partner,we monitor via theirweekly KPI'sand run sheet weekly. These are great tools for us as business coaches to effectively steer thenew Franchise Partner in the right direction. They get quarterly visits and weekly phone calls. We are always there to assist. This will help them maintain there business level and only move in a positive direction!"

and David's recent success shows that this really does work