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(AU) Cafe2U Operators show support during fire disaster

Cafe2U Franchisees serve up support for fire fighters during NSW bushfires.
Monday, October 28, 2013

Members of the Cafe2U Mobile Coffee Franchis e network showed their support for communities affected by the raging bushfires in Western Sydney.  While the wider community pledged support for bushfire victims, local Cafe2U operators were taking up the cause to help their neighbours.  David and Marina Rowe from Cafe2U Emu Plains readily took on the opportunity to offer help where they could.

Being in the midst of heavy firefighting operations, the Cafe2U coffee franchisee offered free coffees to all the people helping out with the firefighting initiative, as well as to those who were directly affected.  They also donated $1 from each coffee to the victims of bushfires and organised a collection tin where people could offer donations to the Rural Fire Service and the victims. Signs were also made thanking the firefighters and expressing the community’s gratitude for their efforts. According to Marina, several local businesses offered similar support and it was amazing to see the community pull together in times of adversity. Local Cafe2U Penrith Operator Chris Psathas also echoed these sentiments and showed his support for the community by doing his bit for the bushfire appeal. Chris stationed himself at the Penrith Base Camp for four days last week, working around the clock to make coffees for all the firefighting personnel, stopping only briefly to catch up on a couple of hours of sleep in the back of his Cafe2U van. Steve Payk of Cafe2U Windsor was also posted at the temporary base camp at UWS Campus in Hawkesbury for the week, serving coffees to all the firefighters and support staff as they came and went from their shifts.  Steve is glad he was able to give something back to the firefighters and support teams who were working tirelessly through this terrible period.

This story appeared on 30 October 2013 on the Franchise Business Website.

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