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(AU) Loving Daily Grind

Inner West Courier - 17 March 2011

MARCUS Allchin's only previous experience with coffee was to order skim capuccinos while he worked at an insurance company for 14 years.

But a combination of fac­tors prompted him to buy a Cafe2U franchise in November 2010.

"I was retrenched from my job and my wife bought me a domestic coffee ma­chine, and I turned into a bit of a coffee snob," Mr All chin said. "I had an appreciation for coffee. I love talking to people and I did a lot of research on the internet, so I bought the franchise and I've been operating for about two months."

Mr Allchin services com­mercial and industrial areas that don't have a cafe.

"They could be blue-collar workers, white-collar workers, anybody really."

"The biggest challenge for me was getting used to the lifestyle change. Being on my feet all day, I've already lost six kilos.

"There's a different kind of stress now, looking to cover my own overheads and expenses, but I have more time with my family."

Mr Allchin has begun servicing Homebush Bay and is hopeful of establish­ing a long line of regulars.


Marcus’ business tips:

Ÿ  Do comprehensive research

Ÿ  Don't be afraid to ask plenty of questions

Ÿ  Spend time with existing franchisees, learning the business and deciding if it's really for you

Ÿ  Get into the business for the right reasons. You have to enjoy dealing with people if you want to get into the hospitality industry.

Ÿ  Be prepared to grow the business. Have a long term view of where you would like the business to go.