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(AU) US deal for mobile coffee concept

Mobile coffee franchise, Cafe2U, has signed a master franchise deal for the US.

This development follows a year long trial of the concept in San Diego, which will now facilitate Cafe2U’s expansion into the states.

MD Derek Black said he was excited to finally be taking the brand to America.

"The US market represents a mature coffee market with many significant opportunities to stimulate growth.

“The recent study within the San Diego area proved to be a successful one as we managed to iron out all the operational issues prior to expansion and to conduct extensive market research into all aspects of our business model," Black said.

The US market differs from the Australian marketplace. The US has seen an increased popularity in food trucks, but espresso at work is still in its infancy. “The most interesting part of the study was to understand that Americans readily accept the concept of having espresso coffee made fresh for them outside their workplace,” said Black.

The Australian company is the world’s largest mobile coffee franchise. It has 110 mobile coffee vans in Australia and 50 in the UK and Ireland.

Article appeared in Inside Retail (online) on 28 June 2011