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It’s worth waiting for the right franchise.

How conducting thorough research before buying a franchise pays off.

Jon Hinde joined Cafe2U, five years after his first enquiry. After just those few months, Jon has really got to grips with his Cafe2U franchise business in Preston and has already scooped up Cafe2U’s Supreme Bean Award at their Annual National Leadership Conference.

With over 150 franchise partners worldwide, Cafe2U is the world’s largest mobile coffee franchise system, delivering fresh espresso coffee and great food to people in non-traditional locations such as workplaces, events and functions.

Jon has a passion for travelling. So, after finishing his A-levels, he left the UK behind to study psychology in America. He then decided to stay in America for a few years to teach football. After returning to the UK, Jon worked for social and civil services before joining the Royal Mail as a postman. However, he had been considering doing something completely different for quite a while. So he started to look into owning his own business five years ago.

“Franchising is something that I have been familiar with for a long time. When I was in America I noticed that a lot of businesses are franchised and when I was looking to have a business myself, it was the logical choice for me.

“I haven’t run my own business before, so I wasn’t one hundred percent sure about all the aspects that go along with running a business yourself and although I wanted to be my own boss I also wanted the security of choosing a business and system that was already successful. 

“After some initial research I came across Cafe2U. I realised quite early on, from looking at different franchises, that Cafe2U offered a franchise model and business concept that I felt quite comfortable with. Being outdoors, meeting people and selling a good product really appealed to me.

“Cafe2U were open and gave me the opportunity to speak to a variety of franchise partners and they also spoke to me about the pros and cons of the business. I never felt that they had anything to hide. I was not restricted to speaking to people that they handpicked like I had experienced with some other franchises. I also got to meet members of the franchise support team. I just felt comfortable about the whole setup.

“I first met Tom Acland, Cafe2U’s UK Managing Director, during my initial research five years ago but, due to financial reasons, it wasn’t the right time for me to join then. During the last five years I never felt out of touch with Cafe2U, as Tom kept me informed through e-newsletters and asked me how I was doing without any pressure. So once I was able to proceed, we met up again and because I’d obviously spent that time researching the business it didn’t take long at all to decide to join Cafe2U.”

So, to guarantee that Jon got his new business off to a flying start, he took part in Cafe2U’s Acceleration Package, a unique four-week training and support programme for all new Cafe2U franchise partners.

“I think the Acceleration Package was really good. It offered me the opportunity to learn about the different sides of business management, whilst also providing me with initial field training by a dedicated franchise development manager (FDM). The ongoing support is great; I have regular contact with my FDM. The support team calls me regularly, asking me how I’m doing and so I know that if I need advice I can just pick up the phone.

“Since starting the franchise last August I’ve already done a few events, some of which Cafe2U has notified me of, such as Bolton Food and Drink Festival, and some where I have been approached directly. The referral system Cafe2U has in place is really good, as it makes sure that the nearest franchise partner will be notified of an event enquiry made at headquarters.

Jon has really made the most out of his training and, as a result of his hard work, he was awarded the Supreme Bean Award at this year’s Cafe2U Annual National Leadership Conference in Leeds.
The Supreme Bean Award is awarded to the year’s best new starter at Cafe2U.

“I only started the franchise in the last week of August so it wasn’t something I expected, even though I knew things were going really well with the franchise. The recognition of my early achievements and hard work really gives me a lot more confidence going forward. I want to continue to grow the business and make it as successful as possible and ultimately maybe even add another van.”