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Redundancy Remedy: Workers Use Payouts for New Franchises

For mature age workers redundancy can be a particularly daunting prospect.

Business Franchise Australia and New Zealand
Jan / Feb 2014 (Vol. 08, Issue 02)

While high profile cases such as the closure  of Ford Australia‘s Victorian plants grab  headlines, redundancy continues to leave older workers on the employment scrapheap in a raft of industries.    

For mature age workers (workers who are aged 45 years and over) redundancy can be a particularly daunting prospect to face, as various reports have suggested that they are often excluded from the recruitment process and not even considered for certain positions at all.

As the Australasian Franchise Recruitment Manager for Cafe2U since 2010 I have witnessed this trend first-hand, and over the past three years it is a trend I have seen become more and more prevalent. Not only do we encounter a lot of mature aged workers at Cafe2U (currently over 50 per cent of our Franchise Partners fall into the mature age category) but we also see a lot of mature age workers who have found their positions have been made redundant enquiring about franchising with us. Approximately 15 per cent of our current Franchise Partners found their previous position had been made redundant or were experiencing uncertainty in their employment prior to joining the Cafe2U franchise.

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