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Mornington, Vic
0448 974 907

Areas Serviced

Damian's coffee van services Melbournes Mornington region.

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Why did you choose to join the Cafe2U team?

Their values and work ethics matched ours & the outcomes looked positive. Working with a happy genuine communicative supportive team that contribute to our success and assist where needed.

What did you do before Cafe2U?

Drainage Company in Melbourne employed as a CCTV operator. Last 5 years in Management role as Foreman and then Operations Manager. I was also a butcher by trade for 12 years with Safeway.

What are you looking forward to most as a Cafe2U Franchise Partner?

The freedom of running and owning my own business suited to my lifestyle choices and family. To be part of a positive and productive team. To build a rapport with my customers and create some positive energy in the community.

What's your favourite Cafe2U drink?

Cappuccino in the morning and a Chocolate Frappe in the afternoon.

How do you hope to be involved in your local community?

To be recognised and acknowledged with locals and to contribute to their events & activities in a positive way.


Shelly a photographer has pulled together a team to create a calendar to celebrate these woman who have survived and fought cancer.

Its Cafe2U Morningtons pleasure to donate our time  and coffee to this team today.

Each calendar when printed will be sold for $20 and all money is directly donated to this cause.

We are happy to be part of this team today.


Keeping the local sports radio station fueled with the best coffee around!

Little Athletics is an ongoing weekend event for Cafe2U Mornington and occasionally Damian & Elizabeth's daughter help out too.
Below is a photo of the father/daughter team: