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Nastassja & Chris

St Marys, NSW

0414 390 000 - Nastassja
0451 117 390 - Chris

Areas Serviced

Nastassja's coffee van services Sydney's Western Suburbs including: St. Marys, North St. Marys, Oxley Park and Cloyton



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What do you love about being on the Cafe2U team?

The Cafe2U concept gave me the freedom to work the hours I wanted so I can be with my family every afternoon. I also get home early enough to get some serious bicycle kilometres done. However when it comes down to the real deal, the daily interactions with the nicest people on the planet (my customers) is truly what it’s all about.

What did you do before Cafe2U?

You name it; I’ve had a go at it. However nothing comes close to the enjoyment I get from my daily run with the St Marys businesses I visit. I can’t think of a better way to enjoy my working days until I retire.

What's your favourite Cafe2U moment?

There are just to many to elaborate on, however there was one customer who called me to tell me she was crying as she had just finished a perfect Latte and would not get another one for 24 hours. (She had had a rough day)  Really I look forward to so many of my customer stops, as the daily banter is priceless. Add to that my customer base is so diverse in skill sets, I can problem solve for myself and even use the networking around town to help them help each other with their problems. In the end that can grow their own businesses too.

What's your favourite Cafe2U drink?

Can’t beat a strong Latte (double shot in an 8 oz cup).

What do you do to be involved in your local community?

When I can, I’ll do coffee for my kids football club, the Mountain bike club, The model boat club, Or I’ll be riding to the Gong to raise money for MS. Add to that I’m on a few sporting club committees locally too.