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Tamworth, NSW
0417 286 167

Areas Serviced

Steve's coffee van services the New South Wales Tamworth region including Tamworth, North Tamworth, East Tamworth, South Tamworth, West Tamworth, Westdale, Taminda, Oxley Vale, Nemingha.



Tamworth in a larger map

What do you love about being on the Cafe2u team?

I Simply love the fact that my customers expect me to be there at the same time every day... I get along with all of them, love to hear about their day, weekend etc. and genuinely like all of them. I am stoked with the support that Cafe2U provides, and the independence I feel running my own business is priceless.

What did you do before Cafe2U?

I was a Production Manager with a Defence Company, and prior to that I was in the Navy, operating the stuff I was then managing to produce..so what I used to try and break was then what I tried to make.  

What is your favourite Cafe2u moment?

I have been doing this for almost 4 years now, and EVERY day, I come home to my wife with a funny story, or funny interaction with a customer.... There are way too many favourites to go through.... suffice to say, I KNOW there will be another one tomorrow...

What's your favourite Cafe2U drink?

Skinny flat white in the morning, and sometimes a double shot (small) Skinny Mocha in the afternoon.... I'm also totally addicted to Icy Ades!!!!

What do you do to be involved in your local community?

Through my customers such as Westpac Rescue and other organisations, I promote their causes, have a collection tin in my van, and attend their events and provide them all with a percentage of the profits.

Dollar Day Drought Relief

Tamworth’s major FM Radio Station 92.9 (http://fm929.net/) held a fundraiser – “Dollar Day Drought Relief” - where all proceeds generated went towards the local farmers and their families struggling in the prolonged drought currently experienced in the area.

In short, for the “Dollar Day” campaign 92.9 were asking everyone in Tamworth to donate just 1 dollar to the initiative.

92.9 FM is a daily customer of Steve Mccarthy, owner of Cafe2U Tamworth, NSW and was only too happy to be involved in this fantastic fundraising event. In keeping with the "dollar" theme, Steve pledged that on Friday, his busiest day by far, he would donate a dollar from every coffee sold to this outstanding initiative.

Steve is featured in the image below handing cash to the value of $342 to Lisa Ashcroft, the General Manager 92.9 FM. 

This total raised was as a result of the combined efforts of a $1 donation for every cup of coffee sold by Steve, a $100 donation from one Steve’s customers and several small donations from others.

After all, every dollar counts!

Steve was in the news again recently when the temperatures dropped to minus 5 overnight. Click here to watch the broadcast on Prime.

One beautiful Friday morning the lads from Country Locks and Doors, along with a ring in from NSW Maritime, decided it was too nice to enjoy their morning cuppa indoors, so they dragged their comfy lounges out to the carpark to enjoy their daily Cafe2U coffee.

Cfae2U Tomworth - Coffee Outdoors?

Funeral Service For Senior Constable David Rixon

Cafe2U Tamworth’s Steve was on hand serving coffee when a sea of blue took over the grounds of St Paul’s Anglican Church on Thursday as police officers from across the state gathered with heavy hearts to farewell slain officer Senior Constable David Rixon.