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Windsor - Richmond, NSW
0414 394 737

Areas Serviced

Steve's coffee van services Sydney's Hawkesbury region including: Windsor, Richmond, North Richmond, Richmond Lowlands, Bowen Mountain, Grose Vale, Grose Wold, Agnes Banks, Yarramundi, Londonderry, Castlereagh, Berkshire Park, Shanes Park, Windsor Downs, Bligh Park, South Windsor, Clarendon, Hobartville, Cornwalls, Freemans Reach, Glossodia, East Kurrajong, Blaxlands Ridge, Central Colo, Upper Colo, Kurrajong, Kurrajong Heights, Wheeny Creek, Mountain Lagoon and Bilpin.



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Why have you chosen to join the Cafe2U team?    

I was looking at an avenue to be my own boss & Cafe2U best suited this goal. This particular franchise also offers me a lifestyle change and an opportunity to spend more quality time with my family, particularly on weekends. It is also a franchise that allows me to continue personal face to face contact with customers that "want" to use my service.

What did you do before Cafe2U?

I spent 28 years in the club industry at various levels of management, managing a number of clubs along the way.

What are you most looking forward to as a Cafe2U Franchise Partner?

Reaping the financial rewards that come from putting in the extra effort.
Making a customers day.

What's your favourite Cafe2U drink?

Fruit sorbet smoothie - refreshing.

How do you hope to be involved in your local community?

Making my services available for their events.

What's New

Bushfire Emergency in NSW

During the bushfires in NSW many Cafe2U franchisees were on hand lending support to our brave firefighters.

Steve from Windsor spent a lot of time with the RFSA helping. He told us he wanted to share his experiences because being able to offer his services to make these guys, and gals day a bit more pleasant is humbling for him. 

Not too many people have the opportunity to be able to give something in this way. He finished his experience on the Sunday night, then went back to his understanding customers on Monday morning. Steve was keeping them informed via text each night of his movements for the following day. No real grumblers, which epitomises the great Aussie spirit.

The above photos were taken on the Saturday at the staging centre at UWS Hawkesbury. Steve had been dedicating his time solely to the RFSA for four days at this stage. Each day he rocked up at UWS at 5am and setup to provide coffees etc to the RFS and CFA personnel, National Parks and Wildlife personnel. St Johns Ambos, SES and administrative personnel bunking there.

He was doing between 120 and 170 hot beverages during this time each day. At about 10am, when they departed for their destination of the day, he packed up and headed over to Wilberforce to the Hawkesbury RFS Control rooms and brigade headquarters where he provided around 60 to 70 coffees to the volunteers. 

Pictures below taken at the UWS Hawkesbury RFS Command Centre on the morning of 23rd October.

When he had finished there he would head home for a couple of hours to re-stock, clean up and have a bite to eat and an hours sleep. At 3pm Steve headed out again directly to the Hawkesbury RFS Control rooms at Wilberforce to pump out another 50 to 60 coffees. From there Steve went back out to UWS Hawkesbury for the evening shift when new arrivals turn up and the guys on the front lines return. At 11:30pm Steve packed up as everyone's heading off to bed after being fed and caffiened up. Steve has been getting home at around 12:30am, but before going to bed he did another quick re-stock and utensil cleanup.

Before he knew it, his alarms were going off at 3:45am. It's all worth it though.To see the look on their faces when they rise and shine and see my van there, its priceless.

It was hard not to form a bond with these people, even though it was a brief encounter. The South Australian and Victorian fireies  were a laugh.

Great guys. A number of them come back with pics, particularly of cool things the water bombers do, and show me.
All up Steve provided everyone with over 1200 coffees, and he still had another day to go at that count.

Photo below was taken at the Hawkesbury Rural Fire Station. The Hawkesbury boys were just back from the Howes Swamp fire on that morning. They turned up just as Steve was closing up shop, they made it for hot chocolates though.

A couple of days later when Steve was at the Hawkesbury Fire Control Centre making their afternoon coffees, a funny thing happened. One of the guys asked Steve if he could do a chopper squad and the RFS down the road. The chopper just flew over and saw me there and radioed in to see if I could do them. What could I say.... they set up on a playing field in Wilberforce.