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Belfast Harbour (3 vans), County Antrim, Northern Ireland

07795 954 840 - Jeff

07734 604 220 - Ron

07912 570 213 - Karl

08456 444 708

Areas Serviced

Jeff owns 3 coffee vans and has 2 employees, Ron and Karl. Jeff's coffee vans service Belfast Harbour including: Odyssey Arena, Titanic Quarter, Airport Road, Old Channel Road, Milewater Basin, Clarendon Dock, Duncrue Industrial Estate, Dargan Crescent, Heron Road, Belfast City Airport, Harland and Wolff, Queens Bridge, Custom House Square, Tomb Street, Central Station area.

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What do you love about being on the Cafe2U team?

Jeff: The professional business set up of the franchise is second to none. It's also like one big happy family where all the Franchise Partners get the opportunity to communicate with each other through e-mail, phone and website partner forums. Cafe2U gives me the opportunity to be my own boss and earn a living at the same time.

Ron: Meeting the customers, and the day to day experience of being out and about.

Karl: Meeting new people every day.

What did you do before Cafe2U?

Jeff: I held a senior management role for a leading fashion multiple high street retailer.

Ron: I worked in retail as a customer sales advisor.

Karl: I was a Welder.

What's your favourite Cafe2U moment?

Jeff: Winning the Franchisee of the Year award. The prize (a model car- lol!!) wasn’t what pleased me the most. It was the fact that all the hard work that had been put into making the business work and grow in the first 2 years had been recognised.

Ron: The first day that I spent on my own being own boss.

Karl: The first day I spent on the van on my own.

What's your favourite Cafe2U drink?

Jeff: I like to call it the 'Jeff Special'!! Or a 'vanilla Cappalatte'!! But since the arrival of the Flat White I suppose now it would be called a vanilla Flat White!! Poured by me of course…The Aussies like to think that they invented this drink but we were pouring it for our customers long before they even thought about it and calling it a 'Cappalatte'!!

Ron: Vanilla Latte nice and simple, it keeps me going.

Karl: Vanilla Latte.

What do you do to be involved in your local community?

Jeff: We provide ongoing donations to the charity Northern Ireland Cancer Fund for Children. We also provide our services to Belfast City Council anytime they have major events they would like us to attend.

Ron: Charity fundraising national charities and local.

What is your motto?

Jeff: You only get out of it, what you put into it!!!

Ron: Put the work in and you'll get the rewards.

Karl: Practice makes perfect.

What/who are you most inspired by?

Jeff: My father!!

Ron: My dad - he works hard and gets what he deserves.

Karl: Ron (my brother).

What's New

Jeff has scooped up the Cafe2U Outstanding Achievement Award at the Cafe2U National Conference 2016!

Jeff with Tom Acland (Cafe2U MD) and Stuart Walsh from Franchise Finance - the sponsor of the award

Jeff with Ron at a fundraising event


Keith Lemon enjoying a Cafe2U coffee from Karl's van!  


Serving at the Game of Thrones set!

 Jeff's 3 Cafe2U vans


All the boys at Giro d'Italia 

A very special Cafe2U customer

MBE awarded to Roger at CCEA 

Cafe2U customer Roger of CCEA at Clarendon Docks has recently been awarded an MBE for his services to Education. Jeff of Cafe2U Belfast Harbour said ' he is a very popular customer, with a cappuccino being his preferred Cafe2U drink of choice. He is the type of person who will always pay for a colleagues coffee if they are at the back of the van at the same time.'

Cafe2U at Events

Cafe2U Belfast has been busy attending many prestigious events during the summer months such as the Land of the Giants Exhibition, European Pipe Band Championships, Titanic laser and lighting show and the Ballymena Car Fest to name a few.


On weekends and in the evenings Cafe2U can attend local events. If you know of any events which would benefit from having a Cafe2U service please contact Cafe2U Belfast Harbour on 07795 954 840. More can be seen on our events video SEE CAFE2U IN ACTION

Head Office       08456 444 708

Email                   Belfastharbour@uk.cafe2u.biz

Facebook           Cafe2U UK | Belfast Harbour

Mobile                 07795 954 840 - Jeff

Mobile                 07734 604 220 - Ron

Mobile                 07912 570 213 - Karl



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